May 092011

Talks about the kiss between Neeta Dhungana and Mukesh Dhakal has caused some raised eyebrows in the Nepali movie industry.

kiss-Neeta Dhungana-mukesh

Although the artist refuse to accept, the deep kiss scene from the Rishi Lamichane’s movie ‘Hamro Maya Juni Junilai’ is suspected to be one of the marketing strategy to promote the movie.

Although kiss scenes have been common in Nepali movies, the general crowd feels a bit of uneasiness when a bit more intimate scenes are featured in movies. Mukesh Dhakal received similar response when he was involved in a kiss scene with actress Arunima Lamsal – branding him as a kissing actor in Nepali movie industry.

Neeta Dhungana-mukesh

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  1. […] The kiss scene between the actor Mukesh and Neeta in her debut movie had also been controversial. […]

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