Jan 242012

Although, most of the time, Nikhil lives in Mumbai, his movies are still being released, that too three at a time. Nikhil’s ‘Vijayapath’, ‘Devyani’, and ‘Parichaya’ are going to be released on the same day, on Magh 13 (January 27).



In Parichya, Nikhil acts opposite to Bollywood actress, Monika Bedi and the movie is expected to do well in theaters. 

Among them, ‘Vijayapath’ and ‘Devyani’ where shot before Nikhil went to Mumbai and the new movie Parichaya is considered to be the ‘comeback’ movie of Nikhil Upreti after his relocation to Mumbai. ‘Devyani’ was previously released in Kathmandu and will be released in theaters out of Kathmandu and ‘Vijayapath’ is going to be released all over Nepal.

**Summary in Nepali**

आगामी माघ १३ गते निखिल उप्रेतीका तीनवटा चलचित्र, ‘विजयपथ’, ‘देवयानी’ र ‘परिचय’  एकैचोटी प्रदर्शन हुन लागेका छन्। ती मध्ये दुई चलचित्र ‘विजयपथ’ तथा ‘देवयानी’ मा उनी मुम्बैइ जनुअघि नै अभिनय गरेका हुन् भने नयाँ चलचित्र ‘परिचय’  उनको कम्ब्याक फिल्म को रुपमा हेरिएको छ ।

एउटै नायकका तीन चलचित्र एकै दिन प्रदर्शन हुनुले चलचित्र को ब्यापारमा नराम्रो असर पार्ने फिल्म पारखी हरुले मान्छन।

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