Jul 252010

timro-ghar-mero The name is odd – but, it still is better than the copy-cat movie names.


‘Timro Ghar Mero Sasurali’ features an 11 year-old, Aju Lama who is in full action in the movie.

The movie is set to release in Kathmandu on the second week of August. The movie, made under the banner of Liza Laxmi Movies, is produced by Laxmi Lama and directed by Raju Lama.

Apart from Aju, Sonia KC, Gopal Bhutani, Subhash Gajurel, Surbir Pandit, and Sujan Lama are in the leading role in the movie. The movie is told to be full of action, comedy and romance.

According to the producer Laxmi Lama, the movie features love story between the 11 year old Aju and one of the hot actress, Sonia KC.

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