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On October 5, 2012 four Nepali movies are releasing in Nepal. The irony of the release is that out of the four movies only one has a Nepali Name. This is at the time when non-Nepali movies are banned in Kathamandu by CPN Maoist. It seems, they don’t have problem with the Nepali movies with non-Nepali names.



Debut director Prachanda M. Shrestha’s ‘Visa Girl’ and another debut director Samten Bhutia’s  Letter’ are releasing on the same. It’s a coincidence, they both choose to name their movies with English words. Both the movies are going to be released all over Nepal. 

With exceptional publicity, ‘Visa Girl’ is being released  all over Nepal. The movie features actors Binaya Shrestha, Richa Sharma, Karma Shakya, Reema Bishowkarma, Remon Das Shrestha and others.

‘Letter’ marks the comeback of actor Uttam Pradhan after his superhit movie ‘Darpan Chhaya’. The movie also features new face Enny Jimba, Bishal Chamling, Niti Rai etc. The movie is a psycho-suspense-thriller movie and features Satya Sworoop’s music.

‘Jay Hos’ and ‘Hello Prakriti’ are the additional movies released to benefit from the void created by the ban on screening of foreign movies.

‘Hello Prakriti’, another English sounding named movie, is directed by Sunil Pandey. ‘Hello Prakriti’ was previously released in theaters out of Kathamndu and features actors like Anil Thapa, Sumina Ghimire, Sushil Pokharel in lead roles. The movie is written by Shivam Adhikari and music is composed by Bhupendra Rayamajhi.

‘Jay Hos’ features superstars like and Biraj Bhatt in lead roles. The moive also features actress Saujanya Subba and Sumina Ghimire. The story of the movie is written by the director Dr. Ghanashyam Khatiwada. The movie features the music of Sambhujit Baskota. The movie will be released in theaters out of Kathmandu on Ashoj 26.

**summary in Nepali**

प्रचण्डमान श्रेष्ठ को निर्देशनमा बनेको ‘भिसा गर्ल’ र साम्तेन भुटियाको निर्देशनमा बनेको ‘लेटर’ शुक्रबार देखि नेपाल भर प्रदर्शन शुरु हुदैछन भने राजेश हमाल र बिराज भट्ट अभिनित ‘जय होस’ काठमाण्डौंमा मात्रै प्रदर्शन शुरु हुदैछन भने अर्को चलचित्र ‘हेलो प्रकृति’ पहिले नै काठमाण्डौं बाहिर प्रदर्शन भइ सकेको फिल्म भएकोले काठमाण्डौंमा प्रदर्शन शुरु हुदै छ । ‘जय होस’ लाइ असोज २६ गते देखि मोफसलमा पनि प्रदर्शन शुरु गरिने बताइएको छ।




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