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The actress, Arpana Sing, who had told that she has come to make a impression in the Nepali film industry is nowhere to found these days. Now, nobody including the producers who gave her a break know where she is. The director Shovit Basnet says, “I gave her a break in ‘Chor Sipahi’ but, I don’t know where she is these days.” Shovit Basnet’s guess is – she is in her home town Silguri these days.

Arpana was featured in ‘Chor Shipai’, ‘Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu’, ‘Didi Bhai’, ‘Kaha Chau Kaha’ and ‘Jwalamukhi’ (an item song in the movie). At the time of this writing, ‘Didi Bhai’ was in theatre. But the director of the movie, Krishna Chapagain and the producer Sunil Manandhar also don’t know where the actress is. The told, “She is featured in a very good role in the movie. May be, she didn’t find good roles in other movies.”

In ‘Didi Bhai’ arpana is featured with Rajesh Hamal. In the start she is featured in positive role but in the last she in in negative role. The director is satisfied by her acting skills.

Arpana had come to Kathmandu from her home in Silguri to act in movies. But, when she started accepting any types of roles, she couldn’t get the leading roles. In addition to that, she was also linked to various directors and producers at different time. She was linked to Shovit Basnet during the his movie and with Bhuwan KC at the time of ‘Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu’. She was also linked to Rose Rana. There was also a rumour of sex video with director Dayaram Dahal.

where is arpana singh

Arpana Singh

Arpana Singh

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  1. arpana where r u lost .r u doing ne film this day.can u contact me on dis num.i have something for num 9848518090 mumbai num,9892023554.

  2. well u can find her on facebook she lives in dubai now..

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