Jan 212014

Keki Adhikari is one of the actress in Nepali movie industry who has received a huge amount of coverage in media. She is beautiful, talented and educated. She is a good actress and has been appreciated for her talent. But, its surprising why none of her movies have succeeded.

keki adhikari interview

It has only been 5 years she has entered in film industry. Being a daughter of a director, she had to go through relatively less amount of struggle. She is also one of the most educated artists – completing MBA soon.

Debuting in ‘Swor’, Keki’s last movie ‘Biteka Pal’ is in theater these days. Although Keki has done a very good acting in the movie, the movie itself isn’t liked by the viewers.

Film making is a team effort. May be Keki is waiting for a good team to give a hit movie. Time will surely tell.

keki adhikari interveiw

keki smile

keki adhikari in biteka pal

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