Mar 142011

zia_kc Actress Zia KC (Jiya KC) started her filmy journey from Dipak Shrestha’s “Ho Yahi ta Maya Ho” and finished two more movies before any of them were released. Her fourth movie is going to start shooting in near future.

In the first movie she acted with top personalities like Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar and Raj Timilsina. In her second movie, Afnai Man Laai Sodhi Hera, she again plays with the actor Raj Timilsina. One of the kiss scenes in the movie was discussed a lot for being a hot tongue kiss. Zia however says that the kiss was only a lip kiss and not a tongue kiss. She however added that, kiss is not a big deal in Nepali society these days. So, the movie goers should take it as normal.

Zia believes that physical relationship between actress and producers is normal is done in mutual understanding. While talking with the reporters of Rajdhani, she says that producers shouldn’t take advantage of their actress.


(Photo credits – cybersansar)

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