Avatar The Way of Water Spoiler Free Review

After what felt like a thousand-year sequel of Avatar has been released and it’s nothing short of spectacular. After the initial release of the movie Avatar in 2009, every cinephile waited eagerly for many years for its release and it did not disappoint.

 Spoiler-Free Review 

Firstly, talking about its VFX it is out of the world, many sequences of the movie are pleasing to the eyes. While watching it on the big screen my eyes were left open and in awe at how beautiful pandora is. The hard work of the special effect team can be clearly seen.

The story of the movie was well-written too. One point you can tell while watching the entire film is that it is a setup for another sequel. As always, James Cameron did a fantastic job, and the actors’ performances were solid. 

But for me, the movie’s charm was how everything was depicted so beautifully. And how well I could connect to some characters as the film went on. The actors did an amazing job of bringing their characters to life.

The movie had some up and down but toward the end, it had some really emotional scenes. This film shows even more possibilities that pandora holds.

After watching the movie I left the theatre wondering what James Cameron will do with this diverse world and the character.

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