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Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a revered deity in Hinduism. It is one of the most well-known and recited prayers in the Hindu tradition. The Hanuman Chalisa is composed of 40 verses or chaupais, written by the saint poet Tulsidas in the 16th century in Awadhi language, a dialect of Hindi.

The Hanuman Chalisa recounts the heroic exploits and virtues of Lord Hanuman, who is considered the embodiment of strength, devotion, and loyalty. It is believed that reciting the Hanuman Chalisa with devotion can bring blessings, protection, and fulfillment of desires. Many devotees recite it daily as part of their spiritual practice or on special occasions associated with Lord Hanuman, such as Hanuman Jayanti.

The Hanuman Chalisa is often chanted or sung in a rhythmic manner, accompanied by musical instruments. It is believed to have a powerful impact on the mind, body, and soul, invoking Lord Hanuman’s grace and blessings. The devotional hymn is widely popular and has been translated into numerous languages.

About Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Nepali

This is a transliteration of the original Hindi verse, and the Nepali translation roughly means: “Shree guru charan saroj raj, nij manu maker sudhaari
I offer salutations to the lotus feet of the divine guru, which have purified the mirror of my mind.
I sing the praise of Lord Rama, whose virtues are immaculate, and who bestows the four fruits of life.”

The rest of the Hanuman Chalisa in Nepali follows a similar pattern of praising Lord Hanuman and his qualities and asking for his blessings and protection. The Nepali version of the Hanuman Chalisa is often recited in Hindu temples and households, especially during festivals and auspicious occasions.

It is important to note that the Hanuman Chalisa, regardless of the language, is a holy hymn that is meant to be recited with reverence and sincerity. It is believed to have spiritual benefits and is considered a powerful tool for invoking the blessings and protection of Lord Hanuman.

The Hanuman Chalisa is not only cherished by devotees but also admired for its poetic beauty and philosophical teachings. It expresses devotion, surrender, and the ultimate victory of good over evil. The hymn’s verses describe Hanuman’s unwavering dedication to Lord Rama, his divine qualities, and his acts of valor during the Ramayana epic.

Devotees believe that regular recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa can bestow courage, wisdom, and spiritual growth. It is considered a powerful tool for seeking protection, warding off negativity, and seeking divine intervention in times of difficulty or challenges.

Overall, the Hanuman Chalisa holds a significant place in Hindu religious practices and is cherished by millions of devotees worldwide who find solace, inspiration, and connection to Lord Hanuman through its sacred verses.

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