Har Saanjh [Har Saanjh Sunyata Ma Eklai] Song Lyrics in Nepali

The Edge Band has released their latest album titled “GANTABYA.” This album showcases the band’s musical prowess and creativity. The lineup for the album includes: With their album “GANTABYA,” The Edge Band presents a collection of songs that showcase their talent, creativity, and passion for music.

  1. Jeewan Gurung on vocals, delivering powerful and emotive performances.
  2. Bishnu Gurung on guitars, contributing with captivating guitar melodies and riffs.
  3. Albin Pariyar also on guitars, adding depth and texture to the band’s sound.
  4. Sandeep Bk on bass, provides a solid foundation and groove to the songs.
  5. Ganesh Rai on drums, driving the rhythm and adding energy to the tracks.

The compositions and arrangements for the album are done by The Edge Band, reflecting their collective musical vision and expertise. The lyrics are penned by Bishnu Gurung and Jeewan Gurung, adding heartfelt and meaningful expressions to the songs.

Har Saanjh Sunyata Ma Eklai Song Lyrics

Har saanjh sunyata ma eklai
Tolai baschhu timro nai yaad maa
Har din samjhana maa eklai
Kuri baschhu timi hidne dobato
Har pal yo mutule timrai naam linchha

Janha jaau yo mutu le timilaai nai khojchha
Birsana khujchhu, birsiu ma kasari
Yo mutu maa timi raakhi sake

Kalo badal badlera pheri
Khulla aakash bhaye jhai
Bhana aba timi malai
Ke timro man din chhau ra

Timro otha ko ek muskan le
Yo mutu ma shital chhau chha
Timro aagaman le kata- kata
Khusi ko bahar lyauchha
Biswas na laage sodhi hera yo mutulai
Kati din timrai yaad ma taadpi bitaye
Aakash kaa tara haru gandai
Timrai samjhana haru maa
Kati raat kataye behosi karaye

Harek samaya ma timi lai nai khoj chhu
Harek samaya ma timro bare soch chhu
Kasam chha mero timilaai
Saath dinechhu juni bhari laai

Kalo badal badlera pheri
Khulla aakash bhaye jhai
Bhana aba timi malai
Ke timro man din chhau ra

Hu-hu, ooh, yeah
Ke timro man dinchhau ra

Har Saanjh Songs Lyrics

The album was recorded at Sound in Studio in Pokhara, ensuring high-quality sound production. The artistic aspects and overall work of The Edge Band are managed by Brand Builder/Rasik Thaiba, who contributes to their branding and visual representation.

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