Aakasai Ma Nau Lakhe Tara [Ma Timro Album] Lyrics in Nepali [Full Video]

Aakasai ma nau lakhe tara is the starting verse of the song album named “Ma Timro”. “This song is for everyone who believes in Fairy Tales because I do too” – Swoopna Suman.  This statement by Swoopna Suman reflects the sentiment and inspiration behind the song.

The composition, lyrics, and vocals of the song were handled by Swoopna Suman, showcasing his talent and artistic vision. The song was arranged and recorded by Firoj Bajracharya, adding his expertise to create a beautiful musical arrangement.

The music production was handled by Jyoti Records, contributing to the overall quality and polish of the song. The music video was directed by Neesha Khaling, with cinematography by Shashank Pradhan and Anjon Limbu, ensuring visually stunning and engaging visuals.

Aakasai Ma Nau Lakhe Tara Lyrics:

Aakasai ma nau lakhe tara
Tara laai dhakne kalo tyo baadal
Baadal chhicholi aaune chhu ma ta
Lina timilaai mero yo satha

Aaauna ma sanga udera hera
Aaauna ma sanga udera hera
Junai ko najika
Dine chhu timilaai
Ajambari maya aankhai ma rakhera
Sajaaune chhu mero mutu ko majha
Angaalo kholera

Timi thami deu haat, na chhoda saath
Boli deu maya kaa dui mitha baat
Aauna aau, ma sanga gaau
Aankha ughari hera malai
Timro najikai chhuni mutu mai rakha
Anagala malai timrai ma hun ni

Ma timro hun
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh
ooh ooh, ooh
Chhu ni ma timro hun
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh
ooh ooh, ooh

Aadhini diyeka aankha le timro
Nindra ma here ra
Suni rahan chhau gita ta yo mero
Musukka hansera
Pareli timro jim jhim garchhau
Hatale mero aaula samaau chhau

Najikai aau malai samaau
Chiso chha mutu nyano banai
Timro sathai mai rakha jana nadeu
Samhala malai timrai ma hun ni

Ma timro hun
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh
ooh ooh, ooh
Chhu ni ma timro hun
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh
ooh ooh, ooh

Raat yo katera jala
Saath yo chhutera jala
Haat yo dine chhu sandai
Aasa boki, hidi rahane chhu
Sandhai laai

Aakasai ma nau lakhe tara……

More About Lyrics:

Special effects and VFX were handled by Abin Bho, adding an extra layer of creativity and visual appeal to the music video. The editing of the music video was done by Neesha Khaling and Anjon Limbu, bringing all the elements together seamlessly.

The music video stars Malika Mahat and Swoopna Suman, who bring life to the story and emotions depicted in the song.

Shadow Creation Pvt. Ltd. provided the camera crew and equipment, ensuring high-quality visuals and professional production values.

The song gives special thanks to Club 25 hours, Deli Akuj, Antique Durbar Trading Pvt. Ltd, Maccha Bhyaguta, and D.S collections, indicating the support and collaboration from these entities.

The music video also acknowledges the contribution of various individuals, including Sneha Budhathoki, Manjita Thapa, Karma Lama, Nima Yange Tamang, Praharsa Rimal, Diwash Shrestha, Suji Pote, Vishal Mahat, Nikkey K.c, Sujata Thapa, who likely played roles in the production or appeared in the video.

Arbitrary Production Pvt Ltd copyrights the song, ensuring the protection and ownership of the creative work.

Composition and Production

– Composition/Lyrics/Vocals: Swoopna Suman
– Arranger/Recorded by: Firoj Bajracharya
– Music Production: Jyoti Records

Music Video

– Director: Neesha Khaling
– Cinematography: Shashank Pradhan/Anjon Limbu
– VFX/Special Effects: Abin Bho
– Edited by: Neesha Khaling/Anjon Limbu


– Malika Mahat and Swoopna Suman

Camera Crew and Equipment

– Provided by: Shadow Creation Pvt. Ltd.

Special Thanks

– Club 25 hours
– Deli Akuj
– Antique Durbar Trading Pvt. Ltd
– Maccha Bhyaguta
– D.S collections


– Sneha Budhathoki
– Manjita Thapa
– Karma Lama
– Nima Yange Tamang
– Praharsa Rimal
– Diwash Shrestha
– Suji Pote
– Vishal Mahat
– Nikkey K.c
– Sujata Thapa


Copyright Arbitrary Production Pvt Ltd.

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