Mana Le Nai Mana Ko Kura [Mayalu] Lyrics in Nepali

The official release of the song “Mayalu” features Swoopna Suman and Dr Trishala Gurung. In terms of audio credits, Swoopna Suman contributed vocals, lyrics, and composition, while Dr Trishala Gurung lent her vocals to the song.

The audio production, mixing, and mastering were handled by Firoj Bajracharya from Jyoti Records, ensuring a high-quality sound for the track. Additional musical elements included the flute played by Swarnim Maharjan and the sarod played by Firoj Bajracharya.

The project and artist management was handled by Dream Flower Project. Special thanks were given to Volkswagen Nepal – Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and Mr Paul Gurung for their support. Additional acknowledgements go to Sushan Manandhar (Dex), Nepa Music, and Lane 88.

Mayalu Lyrics Swoopna Suman

Mana Le Nai Mana Ko Kura
Sunera Nai Hola Ni Aaja
Tanidai Chan Meraa Yi Paila Haru
Timi Tirai Aaja Ko Sanjha
Mayalu , Mayalu
Mayalu, Mayalu

Aankha Le Aankha Ko Ishara
Bujhera Nai Hola Ni Aaja
Hasi diye Mera Yi Otha Haru
Timi Samu Manera Laaja
Mayalu , Mayalu
Mayalu , Mayalu

Re-Ga-Ga-Ga, Re-Ga-Ga-Ga
Ga-Ma-Pa-Pa, Ma-Ga, Ma-Ni-Dha-Pa
Saa, Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma-Ga-Re,Pa

Timro Man Ko Bagaichaa Maa
Mero Man Ko Bhamaara Bani
Dulu Dulu Laagcha Kina
Timro Ghar Ko Baato Heri
Aafu Basne Basaai Tehi
Saru Saru Laagcha Kina

Oh, Timro J Cha Haal Tyhaa
Mero Pani Yestai Hera Na
Hoo Aangaalo Ma Lukaai Malai
Tadha Kahi Udhai Laga Na

Na, Thamnai Na Sakine
Maya Ko Vela Yo Kasto
Timi Mai Haraai
Sansar Lai Bhuli Deu Jasto
Mayalu , Mayalu
Mayalu, Mayalu
Mayalu, Mayalu

Mana Le Nai Mana Ko Kura
Oo Aankha Le Aankha Ko Ishara
Tanidai Chan Mera Yi Paila Haru
Hasidiye Meri Yi Otha
Mayalu , Mayalu
Mayalu, Mayalu
Mayalu, Mayalu

Video credits of Mayalu Lyrics

For the video credits, Anup Sapkota directed the music video, bringing the visual concept to life. Javed Khan from JK Visuals served as the Director of Photography (DOP), capturing stunning visuals for the video, with cinematography by Anjon Limbu.

The video editing was done by Prashish Bajracharya, while the colour grading and animation were handled by Anup Sapkota. The cast of the video includes Swoopna Suman, Dr Trishala Gurung, Sakchhi Maskey, Swarnim Maharjan, Anupras Sharma, and Sahil Shrestha.

Production of Mayalu Song

The production management was overseen by Bijay Basnet, Anupras Sharma, Sahil Shrestha, Shyam Khadka, Amulya Shrestha, and Sammin Pradhan. Hair and makeup for the cast were provided by Shraddha Maskey, Sakchhi Maskey, and Ankita Paudel.

The video features car models including the Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Vento TSI. Enjoy the official release of “Mayalu” by Swoopna Suman and Dr Trishala Gurung!

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