Neela Akash [Kaha Chhau Timi Chhau Kaha] Bipul Chettri Song Lyrics

The song “Neela Akash” touches upon the universal theme of loss and separation, evoking bittersweet feelings of longing, hope, reflection, and acceptance. The musicians involved in bringing this emotional journey to life include Bipul Chettri, who contributes his vocals, guitars, and background vocals, adding depth and expression to the song.

Pranai Gurung showcases his expertise on slide guitars, adding a melodic and emotive touch. Rahul Rai’s bass playing provides a solid foundation for the music, while Achint Khare handles keyboards and synths, creating atmospheric elements. Aman Singh Rathore contributes with drums and percussions, adding rhythmic dynamics to the composition. Anindo Bose lends his talent to additional keyboards, enriching the musical arrangements.

Neela Aakash Badal Haru Song

Neela akash badal haru
Chhariye chha
Aaja aaja feri yahan
Samjhana maa timro
Yo mann dube chha

Priyasi, Priyasi
Kaha chhau timi chhau kaha
Ude chhu ma yaha juni vari
Kahile metine yo tirsana

Dina raat, dina raat
Timrai nai chha chaha na
Sa cho sachai chhau ki timi
Sacho hau k timi, yaa hau kalpana
Eklo chhu ma sansar maa
Khacho dherai timro chha yaha
Aai deu yo juni maa
Sakari deu mero sapana

Neela akash badal haru
Chhariye chha
Aaja aaja feri yahan
Samjhana maa timro
Yo mann dube chha

Neela Akash Song

The video for “Neela Akash” is directed by Sisan Baniya, who brings a visual representation of the emotional themes conveyed in the song. Prajwal Thapa Magar (Jholey) captures the cinematography, creating a visually compelling experience. The editing and colour correction are expertly done by Ajay Thapa Magar, adding the finishing touches to the video.

In terms of music production, Bipul Chettri takes on multiple roles. He is responsible for the composition, lyrics, and arrangements of the song, showcasing his artistic vision and storytelling ability.

The recording, mixing, and mastering are handled by Anindo Bose at Plug ‘n’ Play Studios, ensuring the highest quality sound production. Bipul Chettri serves as the producer of the song, overseeing the creative process, while Sonam Tashi takes on the role of the executive producer, managing the project.

Overall, “Neela Akash” is a heartfelt and introspective creation, skillfully crafted by a talented team of musicians, video professionals, and producers, led by the creative vision of Bipul Chettri.

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