Phool Maya [Sakambari] Prakash Saput Lyrics

The song “Sakambari” has garnered a significant amount of attention, with over 41,054,786 views since its premiere on April 13, 2023. The song’s lyrics depict the story of a common man who strays onto the wrong path due to his compulsion and ambition. The accompanying video symbolically presents the issue of sexual harassment in various areas.

The song is presented by Prakash Saput, and it is identified as a new Nepali song for the year 2023. Prakash Saput, along with Barta Gandharbha, provides the vocals for the song. Prakash Saput also takes credit for writing the lyrics and composing the music.

The music arrangement is handled by Sudip Sagar, while the audio mixing is done by Shyamshwet Rasaily at Prisma Studio. The background score is created by Sudip Sagar and Kiran BK.

Instruments such as flute (played by Ratna BK), sarangi (played by Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily), guitar, benjo, mendolin, and bass guitar (played by Sanjeev Baraili), dholak, tabala (played by Bhuwan Gandharbha), and modal (played by Poshan Gharti Magar) are incorporated into the song. The recording is conducted by Kamal Thapa and Govinda Anek.

Sakambari Prakash Saput Song Lyrics:

Kanma Jhumkana Timlai Kalle Kindiyo
Nakko Bulaki Timlai Kalle Kindiyo
Pauma Lako Pauju, Hatma Sunko Chura
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Jagyo Rahar Papi Shaharko
Chhaina Simana Aafnai Raharko
Lau Dharmai Masne Jahar
Lau Rangin Rangin Rahar
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Joban Sateuki Dhanko Aashaile
Bahakayoki Timlai Kasaile
Hera Hidchheu Para Para
Hera Ratai Scooter
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Dhuwa Sari Man Udna Diyaura
Phoolai Sari Tan Chudna Diyaura
Yesto Aankha Khane Diamond
Yesto Iman Khane Ghamand
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Ghati Nirai Dam Ke Ko Holani
Rati Tirai Kaam Ke Ko Holani
Oho Mulya Badhi Badhi
Oho Mobile TV Ghadi
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Rasa Galaiko Suki Janechha
Aafnai Aatmale Thuki Janechha
Yo Baisha Sadhai Phalchha
Yo Jiban Yesai Chalchha
Timlai Kalle Bhandiyo, Phoolmaya

The video for “Sakambari” is directed by Prakash Saput himself, with co-direction by Sunil BK from BrothersBondOfficial. Bishal Ghimire is credited with creative and casting director, while Bibek Khadka handles the choreography. The cast includes notable figures such as Sunil Thapa, Kusum Sharma, Niks Sharma, Sanjog Rasaily, Saraswati Adhikari, Sarita Rajopadhyaya, Salik Bhandari, and others. The cinematography is captured by Nabaraj Uprety of Maan Creation, while Prabin Bhatta from BP Films Nepal takes charge of the editing. Milan Bishwokarma handles the color grading and visual effects, while Janak Devkota is responsible for photography.

Overall, “Sakambari” is a song that has gained popularity, with a thought-provoking video that addresses the issue of sexual harassment. Prakash Saput’s involvement as the singer, songwriter, and director adds a personal touch to the project.


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