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The music video “Meri Champa” by Tanka Timilsina has gained 25,050,827 views since its premiere on January 17, 2023. The video features Tanka Timilsina as the singer, lyricist, and composer of the song. The music production is handled by Anxmus, while hbn Kishmat takes care of the mixing and mastering.

The video showcases the talent of Tanka Timilsina, Sushma Magar, and Bikram Chauhan as the artists. Bikram Chauhan also takes charge of directing and choreographing the video, with Rajaram Simkhada assisting as the choreographer. Maahi Singh handles the makeup, while Prakash Khadka and his team are responsible for the camera work. Milan Bishwokarma takes care of the visual editing and color grading.

Pipal Paate Otha Lyrics

The music video also features the beautiful sounds of the sarangi played by Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily and the flute played by Ratna B.K. The publicity design is done by Laxman Chauhan, and the post-production is handled by B.Star Films.

Special thanks are given to Namaraj Shah, Dipendra Sapkota, Shobha Tripathi, Bedraj Singh, Deepak Chand, Takkar Khadka, Binod Gharti Magar, Ramesh Kc, Jajarkot Uddhog Banijya Sangh, and Manju Nepali for their contributions.

The video has garnered a significant number of views, indicating its popularity among viewers. The captivating music, heartfelt lyrics, and impressive visuals have contributed to its success.


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