Sansara Lyrics [Andhakara Chhaye Chha Yahan] Songs Lyrics

The song, titled “Samaya,” was written, composed, and arranged by Bipul Chettri. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Anindo Bose at Plug ‘N’ Play Studios, ensuring high-quality sound production. The cover artwork and design for the song were created by Manohar Rai.

The song, with 304,457 views, premiered on May 1, 2021, and features Bipul Chettri on vocals, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals, as well as Pranai Gurung on resonator slide guitar.

Bipul Chettri took a nostalgic approach for this song, as he revisited one of the first melodies he ever composed. Originally conceived with English lyrics in 2014, the song was never officially released, except for a brief clip that surfaced online in previous years.

Dule Chhu Pheri Yahan Lyrics

Dule chhu pheri yahan
Bhirolo batoma
Pugna chha malai tyha
Aananda chha janha

Andha kaa ra chhaye chha yahan
Janu chha malai
Ujyalo tyo pari danda

Yahan ta pher doraunu chha tyhi
Katha ghari ghari
Muha ko parkhal bhitra
Kate chha jindagi

Sakdina ma rahan yahan
Jan deu malai
Sukha ko tyo duniyan maa

Jana deu malai, jana deu naroka(naroka)
Chhadi deu malai
Chhadi deu swotantra (swotantra)

Sakdina ma rahan yahan
Jan deu malai
Sukha ko tyo duniyan maa

Na roka malai
Malai janu ta chha kahan

Andhakara Chhaye Chha Yahan Song Lyrics

While the underlying theme of the song, contemplating the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, remains unchanged, the new lyrics in Nepali add a deeper connection to the listeners, resonating with the region’s language.

Joining Bipul in the song is Pranai Gurung, whose resonator slide guitar adds exquisitely fluid lines to the composition, enhancing its musicality.

The song “Samaya” is produced by Bipul Chettri, with Sonam Tashi serving as the executive producer. The rights to the song are reserved by Bipul Chettri, demonstrating his ownership and control over the creative work.

Overall, “Samaya” by Bipul Chettri is a heartfelt song that captures the essence of life’s cycle, accompanied by skilful musicianship and thoughtful lyrics that connect with the listeners in a profound way.

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